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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I figured I would start out with something simple and share what this blog is about. I hope to keep all you gamerz up to date with the latest game and technology information, releases, and so forth. All though I may not cover everything, I do aim to try to cover as much as I humanly can, mainly what I enjoy the most, while still maintaining a life, my job, and my girlfriend of course. Gaming is an awesome thing, but it is something that should still be taken in moderation. I hope to bring to the table as much information about games as I possibly can, both new and old, so as you do not have to waste time searching through which games you think you should get. I mean if it is something you have to balance around with the rest of your life, why waste more time than needed to find out which games really are the best.

I currently have an Xbox 360 and PC which I play a lot of games on, although the PC needs some work. As long as the game is fun, I think I would be fine playing on any technological device to be honest. I have played just about every console with the exception of Atari. I love playing video games especially with friends and especially when I can get my girlfriend into playing.

Stay posted here as I bring all the information I can from the gaming and technology worlds.

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