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Thursday, July 8, 2010

FF XIV Announced

So Final Fantasy 14 has been annouced as the new online gameplay version of Final Fantasy. So far it has been mainly considered for PC and PS3 as it has been in the past but it is also being considered to be released for Xbox360 as well. It is likely to come out for Xbox360 considering the release of Final Fantasy 13 did as well as the last online Final Fantasy. So far not much has been said about the storyline behind this new world of Haiderin but new features, battle system, and more are sure to make this game an interesting part of the Final Fantasy series. A 2010 release date of September 30 is the optimistic time frame that Square Enix has proposed although they have not set an exact date for release. I doubt they will be able to meet such an optimistic date but we will see. A beta is set to be released in 2010 as well which I hope to catch to test out this game because I never bothered to play FFXI. Check out the trailer to see what you think.

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