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Monday, September 7, 2009

I would have to Agree

"Variety is good" according to Hef and the makers of Guitar Hero 5. Probably the greatest rhythmic video game ever, Guitar Hero is unveiling a new version with tons of songs from more artists than every with their quote that "variety is good" because people want more to choose from in their song selection. Activision has given into the demand in Guitar Hero 5 by unleashing 85 songs from 83 artists. With different styles of rock music to choose from, they anticipate that more people will like this version even more than previous ones. Also when you purchase Guitar Hero 5 now, you can also get the Van Halen bonus. Tons of new features are being introduced with this new version as well including Rock with your Avatar if you have Wii or Xbox 360. Check out all the new features of this game at

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