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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guild Wars 2

After tons of expansions to the first Guild Wars, Arenanet has decided to create a new game altogether, instead of expanding even more. Guild Wars 2 looks to bring entirely new game play, and far better graphics than before. Character development is designed to be entirely different as well with this sequel, along with a new game engine and PvP system. Although I quit playing when expansions started rolling out after lvling to 20, which took no time at all, I have found myself quite interested in the new Guild Wars 2, particularly with the new character development. I am anxious to see if they will make leveling harder or at least go to a higher level and add more interesting class features and abilities than before. Look for many new classes and races to be available with the new Guild Wars as well. To break the monotony of expanding, I will be looking to purchase the new Guild Wars 2 when it reaches stores. In the meantime check out a preview of some of the new stuff that will appear in this hot new sequel.

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