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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diablo III

For anyone that loved the classic Diablo games or anyone who likes a good RPG, Diablo III is sure to become a hot new game in your gaming arsenal. Blizzard is still not sure when this game will be due to be released, but the makings of it are beginning to unfold with new classes being released for the public to view. The Wizard, Barbarian, and some new classes including Witch Doctor and Monk. The new game style that is brought to the table in this game is enough to make Diablo fans excited but it is the new graphics in this game that is sure to attract a bigger crowd. If you remember from Diablo I or II the graphics weren't the best, at least compared to now. The graphics have been redone however, giving the game a better look, and making the gaming experience that much better. With the new classes being created, Blizzard is also in the stages of creating some cool new monsters to battle along with a good scenario to go right along with it. Although I doubt we'll see many of the monsters so as not to spoil the fun, there are a few previews of the different classes to check out while we wait for the game to be released. I realize there are a lot of videos here but believe me when I say they are worth checking out if you are a fan of this series.

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