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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

Although after X-2, when the Final Fantasy's began to lose their touch, Final Fantasy XIII looks to restore that old FF feel that was thought to be lost. Arguably the greatest RPG game, the long lasting Final Fantasy is releasing yet another game to add to the series with all new characters, game style, and more. Although the game will still largely be turn based, there is a huge change to the style. Now instead of the usual turn based style, the game has taken a new twist, making it "time-based" as well causing the player to need to control each player specifically a little more than the usual "wait for your turn, ok attack, ok your turn" deal. The game is also largely combo based, causing more damage with the correct team work, timing, and attacks. Although the game seems to have become more complicated, it will surely make it more interesting and more than likely a lot funner to play. XIII still looks to include Aeons, the summonable creatures, to help you fight although they look noticably different, each one seeming part robotic. You can also expect to see some cool online features when this comes out for PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. This game was said to release some time in 2009 but may be delayed quite a bit from coming to the US. Most likely this game will be available in the US in 2010, hopefully not later as many can't wait for its release.

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