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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


New movie for gamers coming out soon, creatively called Gamer. Similar to Death Race, Gamer is based on prisoners that are on death row who are used as part of a video game. Each death row inmate is literally played by a gamer. The incentive for the inmates to play is freedom, the same as in Death Race. Inmates must survive 30 battles with the gamer controlling them in order to be set free. Unlike a video game, there is no reset button, and definitely no respawn. Surviving 30 battles means freedom for the inmate, and of course I'm sure, as in Death Race, they don't actually intend to let a convict go free. People from all over the world watch the action as they pay to see the battles, which is the ultimate reason for making this event, to cash in. Gamer looks to bring a lot of intense action to the big screen which all gamers love to see and the fact that it is a gaming movie makes it that much better. Check out the trailer here and tell me if you agree.

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