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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Halo: Reach

So in the unlikely event that you haven't heard about Halo: Reach, here's the jist of it: It's Awesome! Frankly I didn't care for Halo 3 because I thought it got away from the classic concepts in Halo 2, not to mention the fact that the button layout for Halo 3 was absolutely annoying, especially when you tried to play some Call of Duty afterward. But Halo: Reach brings back that good classic Halo 2 feel with some really cool new features. If you don't have Halo: ODST to try the beta I suggest snagging it off a friend or even going out and buying it because ODST and Reach are both worth it. Halo: Reach brings some new features to the ball game such as playing as both Spartan and Elites. Unlike in Halo 3 multiplayer, whether you are Spartan or Elite really makes a difference now. Upon spawning you are given a choice of a types or classes to choose from that each has a special role to play in each of the game scenarios that is activated by the left bumper button. Spartans can choose from Jet packs, sprinting, and gaurd while Elites can choose invisibilty and diving (like sprinting). Depending on the game type as well, each role has a different assortment of guns such as the Grenadier, a Spartan class which now has a new grenade launcher type weapon. An unfortunate side effect of this design is the fact that Elites have a class which allows them to automatically start with one of the classic weapons that has really not changed much, but still scares everyone, the Energy Sword. Another great aspect of this game is the fact that they brought back the good old shield and health bars from Halo 1. While the scenarios have largely stayed the same so far, I'm sure they are planning to release some new game types on top of the ones that have already been shown like Invasion and Generator Defense. If you don't know what I am talking about its because you haven't seen enough of the game and need to stop reading this now and go check it out. If you seriously aren't convinced yet look at this montage to see some good classic carnage that never gets old.

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