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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some of you Know it as Natal

Originally, xbox has planned for there new gaming set up where you became the controller, similar to Wii, to be called Natal. A recent name change seemed in order upon their unveiling at the E3 convention changing its name to Kinect. This interesting new concept by microsoft seems to be revolutionizing gaming as we know it with tons of futuristic concepts already in place like voice controlled set ups, games where you are the only controller, and of course the new webcam that is being included to create a more personal feel reaching to millions across the globe. This new system allows the xbox to become more personally connected, recognizing you when you enter the room or approach the xbox. All of this is done with a small sensor box that attaches at the bottom of your tv that is designed to recognize every movement you make. While the say gameplay and functionality may vary, I am sure Kinect is far from free of glitches, but like Wii, it is a start to a very interesting movement for gaming and technology alike.

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