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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Xbox360 vs Xbox360 Slim

Xbox has released a new version of the Xbox360 console. Similar to what Playstation did, Xbox has decided to slim down the bulkiness of their console. Although it wasn't ridiculously over-sized to begin with, they decided to revamp the model into a new console that really isn't a whole lot smaller. However the design of the system seems much cooler, it is the functionality that we hope has improved. The original xbox360 consoles were prone to overheating and continually got the RROD (Red Ring of Death) which basically meant your xbox was fried, although some people have managed to fix their own RROD problems in strange ways. While the new xbox360 is said to be very unlikely to receive the RROD, there are still skeptics who have their doubts, and for good reasons. While it is more energy efficient, energy efficiency tends to cause problems like lag or delay, as well as quality at times because that is generally the trade-off when trying to conserve energy. One nice thing about the new Xbox360 is the built in wireless connect-ability as apposed to the $100 add-on wireless adapter. The touch sensitive buttons are a nice touch to the design but as I said, the design really hasn't been condensed much which makes it hard to believe that the system has received much more than an exterior make-over. While I haven't seen how efficiently the system runs in terms of FPS and quality, my first impression is that is cool but more than likely not going to be worth the starting MSRP. I also find it unlikely that these will sell well with the other xbox360's currently on the market that are just as good in the eye of the consumer, not to mention that it is rumored that microsoft is looking to push a $50 price cut incentive on old xbox360 models to remove them from retailers. A price cut is going to be hard for most consumers to pass up who are actually in the market for an xbox console, let alone the people who will have no interest because they have a perfectly fine xbox360. I just wish they had included the wireless feature in the old models.

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