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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elite and Rezurrection

In case you haven't already noticed all over Xbox Live, Call of Duty Black Ops has released another map pack bringing back all the old zombie maps from the other Call of Dutys plus a new map. Also, if you signed up to be part of the Call of Duty Elite beta test some time ago, you should have gotten your invite to sign up on Elite. If you have not received that invite yet, which should come through email, be sure to go sign up as this will allow you to test some of the new features like stats tracking that will launch upon its release, likely with Modern Warfare 3 which do not forget, comes out 11.08.11. And last but not least along with Modern Warfare 3, the Multiplayer World Premiere launches this Friday @ 11am PDT so make sure you check out the website for that video release which can be found here With all that said I will leave you with a good video with a solid strat for the new zombie map. Pay attention to the new changes he talks about in Zombies.

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