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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Chance with Steam

Today is your last chance to finish the achievements in the steam store for the Great Holiday Gift Pile. Remember that completing in game achievements and more gets you free gifts to use on the Steam Marketplace. This includes coupons for games, free games, and sometimes... Coal! Yes that is correct. A lot of the time you just get coal but that's ok because you can trade in 7 pieces of coal for a non-coal prize.

Also, today is your last chance at the great deals going on the Steam Marketplace. After the new year, the prices go back to their normal listing price. Stock up on the games you want by purchasing bundled packages for even greater savings before this sale ends.

Today's deals include:

Magickia  -  only $2.49
Hoard  -  only $2.49
Bioshock 1 and 2  -  -75%
D & D - Daggerdale  -  only $5.09
Bit.Trip  -  -75%
Dead Island  -  only $19.99
Hitman  -  -75%
L.A. Noire  -  only $12.49
Rochard  -  only $4.99
Counter-Strike Games  -  -75%
Grid  -  only $3.74
Heroes of Might and Magic games  -  50-75% off

These deals end in 20 hours so grab them while you can!

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